Music Lecture: Anna Mudeka – Music of our Ancestors

05/07/2016 @ 19:30
Baptist Church, Queens Street
Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0AY

Anna Mudeka will be talking about and playing the mbira, the instrument of her homeland, Zimbabwe. Known in the west as the thumb piano, this instrument is common to the whole of Subsaharan Africa, sometimes knowns as Kalimba, Likembe and Nyunga Nyunga.

The most common is Mbira Dzavadzimu, the instrument of  the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Mbira music has the same status as that of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, with some pieces going back more than a thousand years.

Anna Mudeka with a mbira

Anna Mudeka with a mbira

Anna will be talking about the mbira’s role in the community, it’s influence in the political situation in Zimbabwe and religious role.
Hear the sound of the mbira and the voice used to communicate with the sprits of the ancestors. This soothing sound brings a calmness and touches the inner core of the soul.

The audience will be encouraged to join in and have a go at playing the mbira.




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