Lunchtime recital: Chiron String Quartet

05/07/2016 @ 13:00
Wymondham Abbey, Church Street
Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0PH
Retiring Collection

Chiron String Quartet was founded in 2008 and comprises Ralph Chadwick violin, Roger Cottrell violin, Jane Howard viola and Francis Trappes-Lomax cello. The quartet’s principal repertoire comes from the works of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, but they also play arrangements of short classical pieces, film music and music from some of the Broadway musicals.Chiron Quartet

Why are they called the Chiron Quartet? Chiron was one of the gods in Greek mythology. He is represented as a centaur and was considered to be the wisest of all centaurs, being proficient in hunting, gymnastics, medicine, prophecy and, especially, music. Chiron became the adopted astrological sign for Sagittarius. Crossword fans will appreciate that, if you take away the letter ‘w’ from the quartets home city of Norwich, you are left with an anagram which gives you Chiron.


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