Here are the some of the artists that have performed at Wymondham Music Festival in previous years
2015 onwards

All artists can be seen by going to the Events page & changing the dates shown at the top of the page


Pasadena Roof Orchestra
Feral Mouth
Norwich Baroque
Joy and James Lisney
London Telemann Collegium
Goldman Ensemble
John Law and Iain Ballamy
Edwina Hayes
Arhai and Musica Planina
The He Hews
Bella Tromba
David Dunnett
Ragnhild Rivertz
Matthew Schellhorn
Easterly Winds
Xenia Horne
Julie Hewitt and David Rees
The Squeegees
Norwich Area Schools’ Brass Band
Ali Huiellebecq and Hugh Stanners
Raevennan Husbandes
James Summerhill
The Night Drinkers
The LKA Trio and Lee Gibling
Bollywood dance with Purnima Pachori Caim and Shruti Jain
Moxy Garbanzo
Strictly Flamenco
Adrian Palka’s Sound Table
Brother Pit
Bays River Jazz


Lightning Thieves
Jazz – Peter King, Steve Melling
Rupert Egerton-Smith
The Vagaband
Wymondham Roots
Zimali – Flamenco
The Drones ‘Toy Symphony’ concert


O Duo – percussion duet
The Claire Barker Band
Cuilin Sound
Craig Milverton
Cuarteto Guarachando
Demon Barber Roadshow


Aquarelle Guitar Quartet
Violin Songs – Madelieine Mitchell vln
Kit Downes Trio
Folk Showcase
The SweetBeats
Lee Vasey Band
Anna Mudeka Band
Matt Wates Jazz Sextet
Garlic Puppet Theatre


The Romantic Cello – Chris Grist cello, Warren Mailley-Smith piano
Jane Austen’s Musical England – Concert Royal
The Art of Sound -John Law Trio – piano, bass, percussion
Horses Brawl
Stone Angel
Eastern Music Company
Steemy Dan
Teatime Gospel -Norwich Youth for Christ Gospel Choir


Veya Saxophone Quartet
Showbitz -Music from the shows
Fontanella Recorder Consort
The Butterfly’s Wing’ -Jacqui Dankworth vocals, David Gordon piano
Folk Gig -Damien Barber, Mike Wilson
The Blue Sueders – Elvis tribute


David Childs Quartet
Greta Songwriters of Jazz -Robin Phillips Sextet
Country night – Kenny Lee and Hustler, Morning Blue
Breath of Folk – Hannah James & Sam Sweeney, Hare’s Breath
Spanish Spice – Eclipse (harps, recorders, viol, percussion, guitar, flamenco dancer
Lewis Wright Quarte – Vibes, piano, bass, drums
Anna Mudeka Band


Opus Anglicanum ‘Green and Pleasant Land’
Pete Whittaker Quartet –
Norwich Students Jazz Orch, Freddie Gavita Quintet
Jay Singers ‘Gaudeamus’
Son Salsa
Bhangra Dance Night -Nachda Sansaar, guest Samia Malik


Mixed Doubles
Red Shadow Quartet
Hi-Fiving with David Amis
O Duo – percussion duet
Festival Ceilidh with Shindig
Flamenco Norfolk


Band of the Dragoon Guards
Tiny Tin Lady
Jacqui Dankworth
Gypsy Tango Inferno
Festival Ceilidh with Shindig
Kieran Halpin


Holly Lerski and Angelou
The Ionian Singers
Chamber Orchestra Anglia
Jazz at the Regal – Norwich Students Jazz Orchestra
Festival Ceilidh with Happy Feet
Lee Vasey Band
Keith Skipper and Friends
Klunk (Eastern European, Klesmer)
Crossing the Barriers


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